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This podcast me bringing you the world from a dad’s eye view, things and people that interest me along the way. I am a father of one, a husband and a normal working man. Subjects will vary from episode to episode as I have a huge range of interest from sports to food, adventure to education, Interview and insights.

#4 - Road Trips (ft Bobby)

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In episode 4 of the Stories Of A Dad Podcast Adam and Bobby sit down to discuss their recent 917 mile road trip upp north. They went on a family road trip from south east England to the north west. They try and compile a list of essentials a 6 year old should bring on such a trip.

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#3 Adventure & Bobby

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In this episode I speak about new years resolutions, goals for 2018, and adventure!


I'm also joined by my son Bobby to hear his ever insightful point of view.


#2 - Anthony Honnor

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In this episode of the podcast, I sit down and discuss life as a dad with my friend Anthony. We discuss kids in sport, technology, and how working away and raising a child affects family life. 


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#1 - Bobby

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In this, the very first episode of the Stories Of A Dad Podcast me an my 6 year old son Bobby sit down and chat.


We discuss what a 6 year old knows about current affairs in the world, and also find out what its like to be a dad in an interview conducted by Bobby himself.


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